Cottondale Swamp is a Florida Swamp Rock, Southern Americana, and Outlaw Country Band from Florida. Weeki Wachee, FL is our ground zero. Mermaid Shows and the Gulf of Mexico! Original Florida swamp rock with authentic country sensibilities a the heart of rock 'n roll.  

Cottondale Swamp celebrates the back roads, small towns and the seedy underbelly of the “Old Florida” that is fast disappearing. We write songs that celebrate the people, places and uniqueness of our southern most state.  

Cottondale Swamp will keep you on your feet and grooving to the sound of authentic country rock and southern Americana. The songs of Cottondale Swamp will get stuck in your head and you’ll feel like you’re cruising through orange groves, swamp lands and beach towns.

Listen to our album Leave Me On The Suwannee HERE!


Cottondale Swamp is soldiering on... 

Cottondale Swamp is re-grouping after the loss of our band-mate Kenny Grube. Kenny is on the long road to recovery and it will be a long time before he is performing with Cottondale Swamp again. We hope, pray, and expect Kenny to fully recover and be able to once again join us in making music and taking over the world. We support Kenny in every way possible and Cottondale Swamp will always be Kenny's band!

In the meantime, we are soldiering on. Broken hearts, hardships, and overcoming the odds are great fodder for writing new songs. Cottondale Swamp has added two members and we are recording a new album. Doug Smith and Fran Massucci have joined the band bringing with them their guitar slinging skills, their gravelly voices, and their great songs. Stay tuned for more about Fran and Doug. They are the real deal!

Cottondale Swamp 2.0! Our debut gig will be the Broken String Fling Music Festival on February 16th, 2019.


Our fearless front-man is in trouble... 

As many of you may already know, Kenny Grube our bigger-than-life front man suffered a heart attack, torn aorta and multiple strokes. This happened on Thursday October, 25th at 3 AM. He was rushed to the hospital by his 15 year old daughter and then air-lifted to Tampa General Hospital.

Kenny is still on life-support and he is really in bad shape. But, there are some positive signs and Kenny is strong as a bull and he is fighting hard. He is the Swamp King Troubadour.

We are raising funds online and there are several Benefit Shows in the works.

November, 18th @ Skipper's Smokehouse@ 5 PM: The Sara Rose Band, Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes, The Cadillac Cowboys, and The Hummingbirds (full-band!)

Please consider a donation HERE

And try to make it to the benefit show at Skipper's Smokehouse on November, 18th.


Please say a prayer for the Swamp King Troubadour!

Surprise gig! September 8th / Skipper's Smokehouse w/ Melody Trucks Band 

Once in a while the phone rings and you offered an unexpected gift. Well, a couple days ago my phone rang (actually an e-mail arrived) and it was an offer to play a show with the Melody Trucks Band next Saturday night. I quickly checked schedules and took the gig.

Melody Trucks is the daughter of Allman Brothers drummer Butch Trucks and cousin of Derek Trucks of the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Needless to say Melody comes form a uniquely musical family. The Melody Trucks Band has been killing it on the road and has become a Jam Band Festival stalwart. Cottondale Swamp is thrilled to playing a show with this band. Our swampy country and Americana rock are a great fit with Melody Trucks and a couple songs from the new Cottondale Swamp album are decidedly jam band.

The Melody Trucks Band and Cottondale Swamp join forces at Skipper's Smokehouse on Saturday September 8th. $7 in advance / $10 at the door - The Melody Trucks Band came together in early 2017 as she encountered each member within this extended musical family. Their individual styles and influences run the entire span of every music genre: rock, blues, jazz, funk, classical, country, thrash metal, and even world music. This has culminated in fresh and unique interpretations of iconic songs from the genre of Melody's extended family. Cottondale Swamp hails from west central Florida. They are a band that revels in the old Florida vibe that is found on the back roads, small towns and swamp lands of this state. The music is Southern Americana rock 'n roll with solid old school Country and honky-tonk sensibilities.



Cottondale Swamp slithering through the week... 

Huge thanks to all the folks who came out to see us with the Kentucky Headhunters! The Cottondale Swamp fans were out in force! I saw as many Cottondale Swamp tee-shirts in the audience as I did Kentucky Headhunters! We made a lot of new friends and our merchandise table was as busy as it has ever been! The Headhunters were very gracious and really made us feel comfortable. We geeked out on vintage gear backstage with the band and they had some great stories from the road. They were very complementary about Cottondale Swamp! We may be doing some more shows with them in the near future. Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 26th, we will be playing at 3 Daughters Brewing - 2 PM to 4 PM. / 3 Daughters Brewing, 222 22nd St S., St. Petersburg, FL 33712. 3 Daughters is a really happening spot in St. Pete.

By popular demand we are bringing out our Elvis show next month at the Dunedin Brewery. If you haven't experienced Elvis Rocks! you are in for big surprise. Elvis mojo on steroids!!

Elvis Rocks! and Cottondale Swamp / Sat, Sep 15 @ 9:00PM / Dunedin Brewery, 937 Douglas Ave., Dunedin, FL 34698

Elvis Rocks! 

We're always looking for a good time. Elvis Presley is a good time.... just ask Ann Margret. Elvis is cool, and hangin' out with Elvis is really cool! Come out to one of Cottondale Swamp's special (for limited time) "Elvis Rocks!" shows and have good time hanging with Elvis. 

We put together a killer Elvis show called Elvis Rocks! Our fearless front-man, Kenny Grube is a phenomenal Elvis Presley. We put together a bad to the bone Elvis rock show that is really good. The response we are getting from everybody is really overwhelming. Elvis vibes and dripping with mojo! It's the real deal.

The next date for Elvis Rocks! with Cottondale Swamp is September, 15th at the Dunedin Brewery / 9 PM


Cottondale Swamp is spending this summer recording our upcoming album, “Greetings From Cottondale Swamp”. But, we are playing some shows and trying out new songs on an unsuspecting audience. On July 6th we played unannounced concert at the Seaside Inn in Port Richey, Florida along the banks of the Pithlachascotee River. We played a bunch of songs for the first time – Lou’s Tattoos, I’m Rollin’, Please Tell Me, and Tampa to Tupelo. The excitement is building for the release of the next record! 

We have some upcoming shows that you should know about. On July 14th we are playing the WMNF’s 2018 Americana Fest. This show will probably sell out, so get your tickets now.

July, 28th we return to our new favorite hang-out, The Neptune Lounge in downtown Tarpon Springs, FL. The Neptune lounge was built in 1905 and has always been a watering hole of the same name. It was even featured in the movie Beneath the 12 Mile Reef, starring Robert Wagner. You feel the old Florida vibe as soon as you walk through the heavy wooden doors. What is making this show extra special? Elvis is opening the show! As many of you know, Cottondale Swamp is fronted by Kenny Grube. Kenny’s is one of the top Elvis Presley tribute artists in Florida. Many of the folks who come to Cottondale Swamp shows have never seen Kenny do his Elvis thing. On Saturday, July 28th Elvis opens the show backed by Cottondale Swamp. If you go to one show this month, this is the one not to be missed. 

We have a couple top-secret announcements, that by law we are forbidden to talk about. But, we can give hints. We are opening for a big time national artist next month at a big music venue… as soon as we sign the contract we will make the announcement. And we just picked up a big festival in Pinellas County. We can’t announce that one until August, 1st…. Stay Tuned!

Happenings from the Swamp 

We are really looking forward to WMNF's 2018 Americana Fest on July 14th.  Last year the radio station really dug our performance at the 2017 Americana Fest and asked us to open for the Austin Texas' touring juggeraut Reckless Kelly. So who knows what is in store for us this year?

On July 28th we return to The Neptune Lounge in Tarpon Springs. This joint has been there since 1905, when it opened as a bar called The Neptune Lounge. Pretty fitting name for the coastal sponge diving town of Tarpon Springs. This venue is fast becoming one of our favorite gigs. It has that super cool old Florida vibe that we love.

Cottondale Swamp is in the midst of recording our new album at Springs Theatre Arts and Recording Studios in Tampa, FL. What a crazy cool place this is! What are getting some great performances and the songs are killer! Come to our upcoming shows to hear the new material!

You are the first to glimpse the album cover for the new record - "Greetings from Cottondale Swamp"

Nice New Review of Cottondale Swamp 

“COTTONDALE SWAMP” (a review) 
By Robert Lloyd (Email: 

Once in a while you run into an interesting group on the internet in the entertainment area that surprises you. This is one of those occasions. And in this case, it's the north Florida quartet “Cottondale Swamp”. They perplex me. And no, don't expect to see them in the near future at your local Holiday Inn. Let's just say they wouldn't fit in. 

I've been a fan of Cottondale Swamp for a while and surprised when I heard the Americana Community Music Association (ACMA) had booked their performance here for May 26, 2018. And guess what? I am leading off the show. That could be scary! These 'hoodlums' (I will affectionately call them) are coming into the renowned ACMA 'Listening Room' and it should be quite a shock. I love their music, especially the song “Leave Me On The Swannee”... here is a link of them playing it live. 

Are you back? Take a deep breath. Ok, did you enjoy the song and performance? Great. Let me introduce you to this lineup of suspects... oops, I mean musicians. The band formed back in 2015 with some session players and maybe burned out rockers in need of a new direction. The boys are Michael Hoag (bass), Chas Winzenread (lead guitar), Ken Bailey (drums), and Kenneth Grube (acoustic guitar and vocals). I was talking to Michael on the phone the other day and just loved the story of the band. 

First up, I want to talk about Kenneth Grube... and with a startling factoid of Kenneth is that he does 150 shows each years doing an Elvis tribute. That feeds his family. But then he plays in Cottondale Swamp and in a total different musical direction. But what is so cool, he gives the aura of being this bit player in a Quentin Tarrantino movie with his swagger and roughed up dress in his performances. I can't say I know of another character so out of kilter with the modern pop/country scene in today's entertainment field. You've got Justin Timberlake types, with their slick marketing side for the kids. Then you have the 'attitude junkies' of the modern pop female genre. You have the hip hop with a twang country pop stars. Then you have something totally different... Ken Grube fronting this growling swamp-rock group Cottondale Swamp. I just love it. 

Michael Hoag is on bass, originally from Boston, and he played in about every band within a hundred miles of the seaboard. But Michael was most personable when I visited with him by phone one afternoon. Not an embittered hard rocking interview whatsoever, but surprisingly personable. And he is probably the central player in the songwriting part of Cottondale Swamp. They all are a part, but Michael was important to the writing of the song “Leave Me On The Swannee” (and yep, that is how they spell it in the old Florida way). On a side note, Michael's sister, Judith Hoag, is an actress in the hit show “Nashville”... 
Chas Winzenread, lead guitar, and a great performer with the sounds he brings into the group's songs. I love his playing! He is a super experienced musician that knows the trade and what the business is all about. He has performed all over the world and will bring that knowledge into this concert with the band. Originally a small town boy from the mid-west, Chas cut his teeth in the Hollywood/LA rock scene and played in that strange world there for some time. 

Ken Bailey, drummer and vocals, and also a member of the Drummers Collective. You'll have to look that one up! LOL. This guy has done it all and has even been a session player in New York City. He was a technical director and staff drummer of one of the large studios in the metropolis. He brings his chops to Cottondale Swamp while giving them their unique swampy sound. 

Finally, (from their website) Cottondale Swamp and its members have shared the stage with, opened for, or played in the bands of many of our favorite artists, including: Dickey Betts, Bellamy Brothers, Artimus Pyle, Sammy Hagar, Southern Culture on the Skids, Dale Watson, Leon Russell, Cheap Trick, Dick Dale, Melanie, Gin Blossoms, Live, Avril Lavigne, Marilyn Manson, The Fixx, and many more. 

I'm gonna love leading off for them. I hope they don't bite. 

News From Cottondale Swamp 

On Saturday, April 21st Cottondale Swamp is hosting a really cool show at the Neptune Lounge in downtown Tarpon Springs, FL. Opening the night is Tampa's legendary alt-country band HANGTOWN. This is a reunion performance and they will be playing many great songs from their many incredible albums.

Cottondale Swamp will be playing new songs from our upcoming 2nd record!

Cottondale Swamp is going into the recording studio in May to start work on the next record! We have so many great new songs and some sick swampy grooves that are going to make you want to move! Wait until to hear what we've been up to, I think you're gonna love it!

Original Florida Swamp Rock, Southern Americana, Outlaw Country and sweet sweet Rock 'n Roll!

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A Hipster Soiree

Ringside Cafe, 16 2nd St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Everybody's favorite bands join forces to bring you "A Hipster Soiree" at the world famous Ringside Cafe in downtown Saint Petersburg, FL. Enjoy roots rock, surf and garage band country with: The Johnny Zoom Hi-Fi Show, Little Sheba and the Shamans and Cottondale Swamp. FREE SHOW

Broken String Fling

Sertoma Youth Ranch, 85 Myers Road, Brooksville, FL 34602

Cottondale Swamp with the new guys, Doug Smith and Fran Massucci. The Broken String Fling is a festival that is loosely knitted, duct taped together, no arm band music fling put on for the sole purpose to raise money and awareness to what a great music/camping venue the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Dade City is.